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About us

We are a supplier of high quality violin, viola and cello. We also specialise in teaching violin and violin-family instruments such as viola, cello and double bass. Our music school provides lessons for everyone from the age of 5 to adult.

We focus on teaching the correct playing techniques and learning attitude. In keeping students motivated, we encourage students to have fun while they are learning. These may include performances, string ensemble, children string orchestra, work-shops music camp, and many other music related activities.

House of Violins is a specialist violin shop. It was established in 2004 in Penang, Malaysia. The business has the following main activities.

- sales and services of quality violin, viola, cello and double bass;
- music school that offers individual lessons on string instruments;  
- formation and training of string orchestra, full orchestra, and
- promotion of music activities including recitals, concerts, touring, cultural exchange program and convention.

WE ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE UNIQUE. We are service orientated and we stand behind the products we sell.
QUALITY     –  product quality is assured.
SERVICES  – honest, sincere and pleasant
     – most competitive pricing policy
BACK UP   – full back-up services with “trade-in” guarantee


  1. HONESTY - Honesty is our primary policy as we aim to serve you continuously. The quality of our instruments is assured and their price are very competitive.
  2. ONE PRICE POLICYWe treat our customers equally. One price for all. No favours and no discrimination. The price you paid is the true and best price at time of purchase.
  3. PRODUCT WARRANTY - We guarantee the product we sell. Each instruments carry a basic 12 months warranty.
  4. TRADE- IN GUARANTEE - The instrument you bought comes with a 'Trade-in Guarantee'. Anytime after purchase you can trade-in your old instrument for an upgrade. The value of the the trade-in is calculated as the original purchase price of the instrument minus the original value of the accessories (which include the bow, case, and rosin). However the following conditions apply:
    - the instrument must be in its original condition i.e. no scratches or other damages, and
    - the string must be replaced with new strings of the same brand at the time of purchase.


Our services cover the following fields:
  1. Sales of violin, viola, cello, double bass, strings and related accessories;
  2. Sales of restored old European violins;
  3. Repairs and services of the above instruments;
  4. Teach above instruments from beginners to diploma levels;
  5. Form and train string orchestra for primary and secondary schools;
  6. Form and train community orchestras;
  7. Promote recital, concert, workshop, seminar and event for stringed instruments;
  8. Promote and hold international music camp, convention and event;
  9. Provide training for music teachers, and
  10. Other music related activities.


'Ruggeri' is our brand name. Under 'Ruggeri' there are eight models and you can find details of each model in our product section.

All 'Ruggeri' violin, viola, cello and double bass are made in China. The wood use to make the instruments are seasoned Spruce for the top plate and Maple for the back, side and neck. All instruments are handmade by skilled craftsmen. The varnish is a mixture of oil and spirit. All instruments are fitted with ebony fittings and European strings except the RX model which is fitted with Chinese strings.

All instruments is check for its quality and professionally 'set up' in accordance with accepted international standards. Our instruments have the following characteristics:

  • it has bright and clear sound;
  • it is powerful and projecting;
  • it is responsive and easier to play.
Most of all, our instruments are affordable. You can own a real handmade violin with good sound for as little as RM1,150.00.

Just navigate to your desire products or services. Click on the subject and you will get all the information you need.

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