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Twelve Good Reasons Why You Should Buy From House Of Violins

1. We are a specialist violin shop. We know our products. We offer sales, lessons, services, repairs, restoration and valuation on violin family instruments;

2. We have a comprehensive range of instruments for you to choose from. Over 150 instruments are on display in both of our shops;

3. Free testing facility. You are welcome to bring other instrument to compare with ours;

4. We offer free advice and service to help you choose an instrument that suit your skill and ability;

5. Being respectful and fair to all our customers, we have a one-price policy. No bargaining. No discount. The price you pay is the true price of the instrument. Most likely it will be the best price in Malaysia;

6. The quality of our instruments is guarantee. Free twelve months product warranty for all instruments. The tonal quality of our instruments is excellent. You are welcome to check it out yourself;

7. All our instruments are properly set up. Problems such as instrument is unplayable, uncomfortable, not in tune etc do not exist;

8. We offer money back guarantee on our products. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it within 7 days of purchase and you will get a full refund;

9. We guarantee the trade-in value of our handmade violin when it is time for you to upgrade your violin;

10. We offer free advice. Just ask us anything about the instrument, we will give you a satisfactory answer;

11. We offer free tuning service. When your instrument is out of tune, just bring it to us, we will tune it for you free of charge;

12. Free brochure on how to maintain your instrument

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